Technology optimisation

Are you designing, deploying, operating and developing your telecoms network in the most efficient and value-maximising manner?

Our consultants help telecoms operators make their networks more capex- and opex-efficient.

An increasing number of our clients are considering network-sharing agreements.

We have recently concluded a string of projects in this field, and can help operators avoid typical pitfalls.

The smartest industry players understand how to innovate and motivate their supply chain.

We can help operators to form the right partnerships and ensure that their 'buy versus make' decisions deliver flexibility, quality and cost benefits.

IT can either prevent an organisation from reaching its goals because of burdensome legacy and maintenance costs, or it can act as a true enabler and liberator of your business. 

How we can help

Network sharing for efficient capital deployment

  • Supporting the creation of network sharing concepts between MNOs with financial, technology justification and planning.
  • Negotiation support to enable successful network sharing deals.

Network migration

  • Migrating 2G / 3G users to free up spectrum for faster adoption of 4G.
  • Managed migration of users from legacy fixed broadband to FTTx to enhance business margins.

Network metrics / Capex prioritisation

  • Focused capex deployments based on quantitative metrics.

Live TV and VOD over IP / Broadband IP

  • The technical feasibility of IP distribution for broadcasters.
  • Analysis of the technical, economic and regulatory conditions that will support the further development of live and VOD services over IP.

Policy support to governments for high-speed and gigabit broadband deployment

  • Helping clients understand the role they can play in broadband stimulation and market development.
  • Advising on how to build strategies and implementation plans to ensure maximum benefits are realised.
  • Supporting clients on broadband intervention schemes and are fully conversant with best practice to minimise market distortion while maximising private sector investment.

Case studies More case studies

Due diligence of Accedian Networks on behalf of Bridge Growth Partners

We carried out the commercial due diligence of Accedian Networks for Bridge Growth Partners, which acquired a majority equity stake worth USD100 million.

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  • M&A as a route to leadership in network performance monitoring

    The network performance monitoring (NPM) space hit a record number of transactions in 2016 and M&A momentum in NPM is expected to persist, as market leaders continue integrating and taking over specialist vendors. We have identified at least six areas for investigation by an investment decision maker.

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  • Well-defined network metrics are fundamental to optimising capex beyond 4G

    Mobile network operators (MNOs) have made significant investments in recent years to launch 4G networks and it is expected that operators will need to continue to invest in 4G for the foreseeable future. Therefore, new KPIs linked to revenue generation are needed to justify investment in CA. 

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  • Attracting investment in broadband infrastructure is a matter of timing

    The broadband targets of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE)  are ambitious. With the current deployment and low take-up attracting more investment is critical to help achieve this target. This article builds on a recent study that Analysys Mason completed for the Republic of Cyprus, looking at how to create the right environment for attracting investment in broadband infrastructure.

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