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Exploring e-sports: opportunities for operators and pay-TV providers

02 July 2019 | Research

Martin Scott Rémy Pascal Giulio Sinibaldi

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (10 slides) | Video Strategies

"To succeed in e-sports and maximise engagement, operators and pay-TV providers should carefully tailor their plans and ensure that they are able to offer attractive and exclusive content in the right formats."

E-sports engagement is high among younger users that may not engage with traditional pay-TV services. E-sports may not have the mass-market appeal of live-action sport, but the genre fits well with pay-TV providers’ aims to make TV services more interactive and engaging. Many pay-TV providers and operators should consider offering e-sport services.

This report provides:

  • recommendations for operators and pay-TV providers on strategies to distribute e-sports content
  • insight into how to differentiate from existing online platforms, the relationship with publishers and ways to maximise the potential benefits associated with the e-sports opportunity
  • an overview of existing e-sports initiatives by operators and pay-TV providers including the distribution of channels dedicated to e-sports as well as e-sports programmes on traditional sports channels.

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