Monetising consumer 5G: opportunities for operators

27 June 2019 | Research

Rupert Wood

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (18 slides) | Fixed Broadband Services| Mobile Services

"Operators need to identify potential roles in new edge-enabled consumer use cases and match these with a realistic view of their assets and capabilities."

The majority of telecoms revenue comes from the consumer segment, so this area will be a critical part of the short- and medium-term success of 5G. This report takes a broad view of how 5G will affect the consumer segment in terms of its impact on the existing mobile business, on the emergence of new consumer use cases and on the home broadband market.

In this report, we answer the following questions.

  • What do the first wave of commercial 5G services look like? How are they priced and positioned?
  • How does the ‘experience premium’ for 5G compare to that for 4G?
  • What is the status of consumer 5G devices?
  • What are the main new consumer use cases enabled by 5G?
  • What levels of consumer awareness are there for new 5G services?
  • What kind of content partnerships are being struck by 5G market leaders?
  • What are the main opportunities for 5G fixed-wireless access?

Revenue opportunities for operators in the consumer 5G space

Revenue opportunities for operators in the consumer 5G space

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