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Our consultants are helping telecoms operators to get the most value over time from their service portfolios, across their entire customer base.

  • Are you faster than your competitors in bringing innovative services to the market?
  • Does your pricing policy bring you the highest possible value?
  • Are you providing industry-standard services or a superior, differentiated customer experience?
  • Are you achieving the full value of each customer relationship?

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How we can help you

Analytics for legacy service margin improvement

  • Hard bundling pricing strategy: supporting operators in transitioning to data led pricing  and away from declining voice / SMS traffic.
  • Data costing and profitability: understanding the cost of a GB of data to optimise data pricing for profitability improvement.
  • Customer lifetime value: managing margins by focusing retention and customer experience initiatives on higher value customers.

Fixed Mobile Convergence to capture high value customers

  • Strategic options and approach to strengthen the business approach in an increasing FTTx world.

Enterprise and IoT strategies to drive future revenue growth

  • Identifying the business opportunity and building a strategic approach to expanding into the enterprise segment.
  • Developing a strong position in the IoT value chain with the right connectivity, application and partner strategy.

MVNO: Establishing MVNOs /  Role for wholesale

  • Creating a focused wholesale organisation to take advantage of complementary MVNO opportunities. 
  • Building a business case and negotiation support to develop an MVNO business.

Traditional and OTT pay TV

  • Pricing and packaging optimisation to elasticity of consumer demand for the launch of new live TV lite packages.
  • Estimating demand and pricing points for new VOD services.

Live TV and VOD over IP / Broadband IP

  • The technical feasibility of IP distribution for broadcasters.
  • Analysis of the technical, economic and regulatory conditions that will support the further development of live and VOD services over IP.

Policy support to governments for high-speed and gigabit broadband deployment

  • Helping clients understand the role they can play in broadband stimulation and market development.
  • Advising on how to build strategies and implementation plans to ensure maximum benefits are realised.
  • Supporting clients on broadband intervention schemes and are fully conversant with best practice to minimise market distortion while maximising private sector investment.

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