Technical due diligence

Our rigorous technical due diligence methodology allows us to deliver valuable benefits to clients during corporate finance transactions in the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) space, often in short timescales.

We typically utilise the following four-step approach to both vendor and buy-side technical due diligence:

  • assess technical risks associated with current networks and system assets, and with organisational processes associated with operation of those assets and the services that run on them
  • assess the future technical risks of current major change programmes, considering future business and market objectives
  • reconcile current and future network, system and operational plans with the business and market requirements
  • identify and quantify any remedial and new activities to mitigate current risks.

How we can help you

On the basis of the results of our technical due diligence, we can provide a detailed opinion on technical operational and capital expenditure projections in the management's business plan or develop our own forecasts.

For at least the duration of the business or market plan, we identify any gaps between the business and market plan requirements and the current and planned network and support systems capability, in terms of: functionality, quality of service, capacity, resilience and geographical coverage.

In addition, our experts can:

  • recommend any technical and operational actions and estimate associated incremental investment costs to address any gaps
  • highlight any unrealised technical or operational benefits
  • carry out a physical inspection of assets and audit operational processes during visits to a sample of key sites
  • undertake a high-level comparison of network and operational performance against that of similar organisations, highlighting performance benefits and risks as well as providing recommendations for any required performance improvements
  • undertake a high-level assessment of the technical organisation in terms of structure, scope of functions and staff capability.

Through our extensive track record in the sector, we have developed a robust set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and other benchmarks for a wide range of organisational types. As a result, clients benefit extensively from our ability to identify best-in-class performance and hence highlight organisational risks and performance gaps in target companies.

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