Custom research

Our custom research team has been working with communications service providers (CSPs) and vendors on a number of challenges including the following.


Analysys Mason has delivered more than 20 large custom projects in the area of CSPs’ network function virtualisation (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) transformation for both vendor and operator clients.

Examples of projects.

  • On behalf of Nokia, we developed the industry’s first telco cloud maturity benchmark index that currently has 30 participating operators. 
  • We assisted a large IT vendor client to prioritise and evaluate CSP targets for its NFV solution and adjust its sales approach.
  • We delivered several onsite virtualisation strategy workshops to large global operators. 
  • On behalf of Amdocs, we developed business cases for virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) and NFV/SDN-enabled video service delivery.
  • We helped a large traditional network vendor understand the impact of NFV/SDN transformation on CSPs’ operations etc.

Digital experience

Analysys Mason has also assisted a number of operators and vendors to address the emerging opportunities in the digital experience space.

Examples of projects.

  • On behalf of a large traditional telecoms network vendor, Analysys Mason developed a digital experience maturity index that allowed the vendor to establish more in-depth and meaningful engagement with their target operator clients.
  • We delivered a day-long workshop on operators’ omni-channel strategies and helped a leading BSS vendor with their product development efforts in this space.
  • We provided a large IT vendor with strategic advice on the drivers and pitfalls of CSPs’ digital transformation plans, analysing specifically operators’ smart care strategies.
  • On behalf of Amdocs, we conducted surveys of CSPs and large enterprises aimed at understanding the importance of digitalisation in the B2B space.


Analysys Mason has considerable experience of the IoT-related topics.

We have been publishing research on M2M and IoT since 2011, and our first M2M client project was more than a decade ago.

In the past 3 years, we have carried out over 30 IoT-related projects, including market-sizing projects, strategic advisory work and white papers.