Consumer services

Consumer services in the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) sector are characterised by dynamic change, rapid innovation and fervent competitiveness. Strategies, issues and trends continually evolve. Key priorities for consumer-facing stakeholders in this space include retention, upsell and new business development. Having independent tools, analysis and advice that help you to make informed strategic and tactical decisions in the TMT space is an essential component of business strategy.

Our consumer services programmes offer pertinent consumer data, reports on market trends and active advice on how to maximise opportunities in core consumer services – such as data, voice, messaging and media – as well as on how to formulate strategies for growth in new adjacent sectors with mass-market appeal, such as health, finance/payment, home security and advertising.

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  • Fixed broadband and voice quarterly metrics 4Q 2016

    The fixed broadband market continues to grow apace. Emerging markets are buoying overall market growth, while developed markets continue to be dynamic at the operator and access technology level. Our quarterly metrics include market share, access technology splits and quarterly growth figures for 59 countries, and have been updated to include 4Q 2016 data.

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  • Mobile services quarterly metrics 4Q 2016

    This data set tracks key metrics in the mobile voice and messaging markets, as well as providing comparative data, for 32 European countries. This latest edition includes data up to 3Q 2016.

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  • OTT video services tracker 1Q 2017

    Analysys Mason's 'OTT video services tracker' offers a regularly updated resource that helps you to keep pace with changes in the rapidly evolving over-the-top (OTT) video segment. It provides details of key OTT video services, such as types of content offered, pricing, business models and, where available, the number of users.

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