Analysys Mason’s SMB Barometer 1Q 2023

02 May 2023 | SMB IT

Karthik Pannala | Li Lin

Report | PDF (10 slides) | Business Applications| Cyber Security| Devices and Peripherals| Infrastructure| IT and Managed Services| UC and Digital Services


Analysys Mason’s SMB Barometer looks at how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) feel about their IT-related requirements, business and market conditions over time.

The Barometer score dropped marginally to 62.5 in 1Q 2023 from 64.5 in 3Q 2022 as businesses continued to experience the impact of a challenging macroeconomic climate.​

Temperature check of the SMB market

Analysys Mason's SMB Barometer is based on a bi-annual survey of SMBs and provides a score that captures the current mindset of SMBs.

This Barometer score is categorised according to one of four scenarios, each of which has different implications for telecoms operators and vendors.


  • Contraction (score 0 to 49). Indicates an adverse business outlook due to extreme market conditions and severe pessimism, which results in a reluctance/inability to invest in IT.
  • Strategic realignment (score 50 to 64). Indicates an unfavourable business outlook, which leads to restricted IT spending.
  • Business as usual (score 65 to 79). Indicates a normal business outlook: SMBs conduct business as usual (with steady adoption and implementation of IT).
  • Peak consumption (score 80 to 100). Indicates an ideal business outlook: SMBs perform well in an optimistic economy, which reflects a better-than-normal spending pattern.

Key asset in our SMB porfolio

Along with the SMB Technology Forecaster, the Analysys Mason SMB Barometer is a key asset in our SMB portfolio. It will help both vendors and telecoms operators to assess and design their marketing strategies in a changing global business environment.

Download the report to learn more about the mindset of SMBs.

Analysys Mason's SMB Barometer 1Q 2023

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