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Rethinking your 2021 SMB strategy: COVID-19 survey insights for IT vendors

16 March 2021 | Research

Tom Rebbeck Eileen Zimbler

Survey report | PDF | SME Strategies| Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity| Large Enterprise Emerging Service Opportunities

"SMBs have been divided in their response to COVID-19. Some have been able to adapt, often aggressively adopting new technologies, others have had to focus on cutting costs."


Analysys Mason surveyed nearly 2000 SMBs in 2021 to understand how they have managed the COVID-19 crisis to date and what their post-pandemic plans are.

The results provide insights into:

  • current SMB operating conditions
  • SMBs' current and planned technology usage and spend
  • the services and support needed by SMBs from vendors.

They will help IT vendors to:

  • identify which types of SMB to target and with which products and services
  • understand SMBs' technology priorities now and once the pandemic eases
  • understand the differences between SMBs' needs in different countries
  • find the growing opportunity for offering managed services.

Overview of the differences between SMBs that have adapted to the pandemic and those that have cut costs


The survey focuses on SMBs in four high-incoming countries, but the results are likely to be relevant for other high-income and many middle-income markets worldwide. Our conversations with vendors and operators indicate that SMBs are responding in a similar way in many different countries.

Geographical coverage and survey sample

Geographical coverage   Sample
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • USA


  • Small businesses (1–99 employees): 1204
  • Medium-sized businesses (100–999 employees): 666
  • Vertical sectors:
    • Agriculture, mining, transportation, utilities and construction (AMTUC)
    • manufacturing
    • IT and communications
    • wholesale/retail
    • Finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE)
    • professional business services
    • other services

Free report providing the results of our 2021 SMB COVID-19 survey

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