Beyond the network: delivering security everywhere to everyone all the time

The recipe for rolling out security value added services to the mass market, has long eluded service providers. 

For the first time, a secure mobile network and endpoints deliver a multi-layered, unified security solution to provide operators and their customers with the best of both worlds. McAfee and Allot's unified solution includes built-in on-boarding capabilities for mass activation of opt-in and opt-out try-and-buy campaigns, saving significant marketing costs.

Join this session presented by Analysys Mason, McAfee and Allot to learn how to deliver security services for mobile, fixed and converged networks that allow you to:

  • Achieve over 50% uptake
  • Protect customers when they switch from mobile to Wi-Fi and back
  • Block ransomware, phishing and adware attacks in addition to providing parental control
  • Send the customers personalised information on how they have been protected along with relevant, timely security tips

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