Service assurance in the era of NFV/SDN: adapting to the evolving hybrid telecommunications network

The introduction of NFV and SDN will result in a new hybrid telecommunications networking infrastructure with co-existing physical and virtual network components. This transformation will create new requirements for service assurance that legacy software cannot easily fulfill.

New and next generation service assurance solutions must provide unified monitoring for hybrid networks and enable service providers to achieve the full benefits of network virtualization, such as operational flexibility and service agility, by underpinning the closed loop processes for automated assurance and orchestration.

In this webinar, Analysys Mason and AssureNow will cover key topics:

  • The impact of NFV/SDN on service assurance
  • How service assurance must change to monitor hybrid networks
  • The importance of automation for the success of NFV/SDN and how achieving end-to-end orchestration of operations can play a key role in achieving service assurance


Anil Rao, Analysys Mason
Principal Analyst, Research anil.rao@analysysmason.com +44 20 7395 9000
Anoop Agrawal, Ericsson Digital Services
VP-Head of Enterprise Architecture and E2E Solutioning
Drew Golden, AssureNow
Senior Director of Product Management