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Analysys Mason provides insight and supported clients across all elements of the Internet value chain.

We continuously keep track of and forecast the dynamics of the entire Internet ecosystem, along the routes of content creation, distribution and delivery.

Our extensive knowledge of technical aspects of the ecosystem, combined with 30 years of experience in economic analysis and strategic advisory, allows us to offer efficient and sustainable solutions to all Internet players across a wide variety of topics.

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Analysys Mason possesses a thorough understanding of hardware and software systems that comprise the backbone of the Internet, enabling its existence and functionality.

Our work in this area covers such aspects as innovation and investment in infrastructure, connectivity improvement and solutions, interconnection and exchange of traffic.

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Recent projects
  • Feasibility study for an African government aiming to create an IXP
  • The evolution of IP interconnection agreements
  • Investigation of total costs of ownership associated with different core networks on behalf of an IP equipment vendor

Analysys Mason has performed analytical and advisory work in regard to various Internet platforms, which serve as intermediaries between content creators and users.

We are uniquely positioned to provide support in this area due to telecoms networks being widely used to carry Internet data.

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  • The impact of digital transition in the music and audiobook market
  • How strong encryption supports the development of a safe and secure Internet
  • Convergence of TV and digital platforms: increased innovation and competition for advertisers’ budgets
  • The impact of the internet and digitalisation on the European creative sector
Recent projects
  • Evaluation of a leading pay-TV operator’s plan to invest in an over-the-top platform
  • For a major content distribution company, quantitative assessment of the content’s contribution to the Internet ecosystem and value chain analysis
  • Value proposition creation for a leading Asian pay-TV operator

We have supported organisations involved on all stages of the provision of Internet services. This includes Internet service providers, fixed and mobile operators, regulators and policy makers, financial institutions and media companies.

We have expertise in a broad range of topics, such as digital content business models, content delivery channels and challenges, etc.

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Recent projects
  • Review of online audio-visual content regulation in international markets for an online content provider 
  • Evaluation of the suitability of existing regulatory frameworks for a telecoms regulator
  • Assessment of competitive landscape for a leading domain and hosting provider
  • Market scan across key mobile Internet verticals for a US-based equity firm
  • Evaluating  incumbents’ progress towards the European Digital Agenda 2020 targets

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