Postal stakeholders

Analysys Mason has naturally extended its expertise into the postal sector, working with postal sector regulators and policy makers on a wide range of postal industry issues.

Most recently, we have provided critical advice to the UK postal services regulators Postcomm and Ofcom, and to ComReg in Ireland, on postal service cost modelling, cost transparency, quality of service compliance and accounting separation.

Our experts have also helped guide postal sector policy and undertaken liberalisation projects for the postal regulators in Kenya and Oman.

Our postal sector work is led by Ian Streule, Partner at Analysys Mason, and supported by a team with broad experience in regulatory consulting services.

In developing expertise in the postal sector, the Analysys Mason team has called on its extensive understanding of communications policy, wholesale regulation, stakeholder engagement and quantitative analysis gained from many years of working on similar issues in the telecoms sector.

Our postal sector consulting work sits within our regulation and policy practice.

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