NSR analysed the Australian satellite market including key verticals and the impact of NGEO systems

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The problem

  • The client commissioned NSR to conduct a detailed analysis of the Australian satellite market, focusing on key verticals as well as the impact of non-geostationary Earth orbit (NGEO) systems entering the market
  • The aim of the analysis was to identify strategic initiatives the client could deploy to address competition and ensure growth over 2022–31

The solution

  • NSR conducted a detailed analysis of the impact of high-throughput satellite (HTS) programmes in GEO and NGEO architectures
    • the analysis focused on pricing, the frequency and solution mix as well as possible collaboration and investment in NGEO systems
  • NSR suggested that the client focus on specific segments and vertical targets, namely the Internet of Things (IoT); cellular backhaul; land mobile very-small-aperture terminals (VSATs); offshore VSATs; and satellite equipment
  • Finally, NSR conducted a competitive assessment on GEO and NGEO players serving the Australian market
    • this analysis included the impact on market positioning in the next ten years and the effect of competition on the client’s business case

Figure: Project scope and methodology


The result

  • NSR produced a detailed report (in MS PowerPoint format) and a client file (in MS Excel format) that outlined the qualitative and quantitative findings supporting NSR’s recommendations for the client’s NGEO strategy
  • NSR also delivered additional market targets as part of the growth strategy, namely back-up, business continuation and emergency services