We were engaged by the Government of Mozambique to elaborate a national broadband strategy

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The problem

  • Analysys Mason was commissioned to help the Government of Mozambique (GoM) understand how it could best achieve its ambition of providing 100% 1Mbit/s broadband coverage to rural end users and high-speed fibre-based broadband to urban end users, both by 2019

The solution

  • We developed a broadband strategy for GoM based on European Commission best practices – GoM would only intervene in areas unserved by broadband infrastructure, to ensure that it did not distort existing competition
  • To help GoM meet its broadband targets, we estimated the capex required and recommended a mix of fibre and fixed-wireless technologies for rural and urban interventions under a private design, build and operate public–private partnership (PPP) structure to minimise the need for state subsidies and maximise private sector investment
  • We put forward a number of actions that the regulator could take to facilitate network sharing and encourage operator investment in broadband infrastructure. The aim was to address industry-wide concerns regarding both poor network quality and a lack of broadband network investment in rural areas
  • We defined the implementation phase to source a strategic and technical partner that would build the national broadband infrastructure for GoM. This phase involved setting up a formal procurement programme, including the development of a sourcing strategy, pre-procurement market consultation, preparation of procurement documentation, preparation of an evaluation methodology, and management of supplier clarifications

Figure: Overview of the current broadband landscape in Mozambique and phased rural broadband intervention


The result

  • We presented the broadband strategy at a stakeholder event in Mozambique. Following this discussion the regulator recommended the broadband strategy to the Minister of Transport and Communications for approval. We took part in discussions with the Mozambican telecoms regulator and the minister in order to proceed with implementation of the broadband plan