NSR developed, promoted and conducted a webinar series on cloud computing in the satellite industry

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The problem

  • The use of cloud applications in the satellite industry is still nascent and there are many potential users in the industry that are uncertain about how cloud computing applies to their business and processes
    • the client wished to promote knowledge about cloud applications in the satellite and space industry with a view to expand usage

The solution

  • In collaboration with the client, NSR developed, promoted and conducted a series of webinars for three distinct audience groups
  • NSR and the client delivered live webinars to the targeted audiences to:
    • further disseminate knowledge about cloud computing via satellite markets
    • develop interest in the client’s solutions across three global marketing themes and eight mission segments
  • In particular, the webinars focused on thought leadership via presentations and discussions on how the cloud impacts all aspects of the satellite and space community, and provided real-world examples of applicability and implementation

Figure: NSR webinar series – cloud and space


The result

  • NSR’s involvement in the moderation and content delivery of three webinars (in collaboration with the client) promoted and drove education, awareness and lead generation for the client
  • The client gained exposure and key contacts for potential sales, which facilitated the client’s cloud computing outreach, marketing and sales processes in the satellite industry