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The problem

The company in question had been troubled by declining growth for the past few years. This was partly because of significant changes in the Indian telecoms market (such as the increased outsourcing of IT), and partly a result of growing problems with sales channel fragmentation. We were asked to identify a number of key strategic issues that our client could focus on in the near-to-medium term, in an effort to reverse declining revenue and build the capabilities it needed to exploit developments such as 3G and wireless access.

The solution

The first step was to develop a unified perspective that reflected the rapidly changing Indian TMT market and the impact of that change on end users.

We began by looking at the growth constraints in our client’s existing business, in particular its current and planned product portfolio, organisational structure, account level history, planning process and client organisation.

To understand how to create growth in the near term, we spoke to internal account teams, business groups, product teams and support functions with the aim of identifying key issues, end-user initiatives and growth priorities.

Finally, we ran a series of external industry meetings to identify account initiatives and associated financial and investment plans based on a series of competitive scenarios, end-user needs and expansion plans.

The result

We were able to identify key strategic imperatives that could be measured and communicated using simple metrics – quite a task for a 3-year evaluation period, and for such a significant client. We were also able to assign revenue responsibilities and pinpoint exactly where investment was needed. All this was supported by account-level operational initiatives covering licensing, geographical coverage, channel partnerships and resource planning.

Another benefit was a unified view of the business based on the market-aligned strategy framework we created. This helped our client identify and prioritise potential areas for investment in emerging growth areas.

With the help of Analysys Mason experts from around the world, our Indian team also developed strategy plans for a number of emerging areas including mobile devices, cloud computing and applications such as identity and access management. Finally, for each of the new business lines under review, the team developed a market opportunity summary, business case and operational initiatives, together with an investment and resourcing plan.

We are delighted to say that the end-to-end strategy and business plans that we created were signed off by the client’s Indian, regional and worldwide teams. As a result our client now has a detailed roadmap that describes the way forward for their existing and new business segments in the near-to-medium term, together with several promising initiatives for revenue growth.

In short, they have everything they need to go forth and achieve their objectives.

The team

The Analysys Mason team drew on its considerable experience in developing telecoms operator strategy and business models for Indian businesses. Equally important was our knowledge of 3G and broadband launch issues, device service integration and data business models, as well as our understanding of adjacent technologies in both India and worldwide.

Crucially, the team working on the project had plenty of experience advising telecoms operators, network and device and infrastructure vendors, regulators and investors on long-term strategy development, business and corporate planning and investment options. This combination of knowledge and experience contributed to the strategy roadmap.

The team was also able to call on its in-depth understanding of the Indian telecoms, media and technology market right across the value chain to develop a truly effective strategy for our client.

We were able to call on our
in-depth understanding of the Indian telecoms, media and technology market right across the value chain to develop a truly effective strategy for our client.

Key fact

3G and broadband access revenue in India is projected to reach USD8 billion by 2013.