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For Huawei, we developed a comprehensive report examining the benefits of deploying FTTH over power networks, and issues with this approach

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The problem

  • Huawei’s marketing department wanted to promote the use of power networks for deploying fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks
  • It commissioned Analysys Mason to develop an independent report that identified the advantages and disadvantages of this approach

The Solution

  • The report examined the suitability of power networks for FTTH deployment 
  • Specifically, the report looked at: 
    • business model options for FTTH deployment over power networks, including integrated, joint venture, wholesale and pure leasing models
    • the ability of each model to meet the challenges of FTTH deployment
    • the factors required for successful deployment
    • case studies of existing operators utilising power networks
  • We also examined the cost benefits of FTTH deployment in various geotypes, highlighting the conditions where power networks may be of most benefit
    • this took into account the impact of various scenarios where different levels of power network infrastructure use was possible
  • We concluded that FTTH deployment over power networks is more suited to suburban and rural areas where more of the infrastructure is overhead

Figure: Attractiveness of re-using power networks


The result

  • We provided an accessible, comprehensive report that was suitable for publication by Huawei
  • We also participated in Huawei’s global regional conferences and presented the results of our report findings to its key customers