Review of an FTTP operator one year into its operations, providing feedback on how it was performing compared to similar operators

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The problem

  • Our client, an investor in an FTTP operator, sought a progress review of the operator’s first year of operation, including its roll-out of its first 10 000 premises passed
  • The operator had just launched commercially and our client wanted a review of progress to date before it released funds to extend the roll-out

The solution

  • We put in a request for information to the operator in order to gather information related to the roll-out so far
  • We covered network design (including the use of external network designers), use of existing infrastructure (Openreach PIA), build strategy (including the use of contractors), future resourcing plans and business/operations support systems (BSS/OSS)
  • We conducted a workshop with senior management, with the aim of creating a two-way process
    • they described their experience in detail
    • we asked about specific areas where we had concerns
    • we gave the management team our insight into how other operators had dealt with issues at a similar time in their lifecycle

Figure: Example of operational benchmarking

The result

  • We provided a report of our findings, including benchmarks of how the operator was performing compared to others, giving both operator and our client insight into the different strategies being followed and the green light to release funds for further network build

Our investor client required a review of the progress of the FTTH roll-out of the operator it had invested in after its first year of operation. Our study enabled us to give the operator and our client the benefit of our experience of working with other similar operators by providing benchmarks and insight into the different strategies being followed.​