Study to assess the outlook of future tower loading for a towerco given the evolution of network technology

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The problem

  • An independent towerco in the Asia–Pacific region was expecting to undergo negotiations with its mobile operator customers regarding lease rates
  • In the context of these negotiations, Analysys Mason was engaged to perform a study to inform the client on the outlook of future tower loading, particularly in light of upcoming 5G deployment

The solution

  • We first conducted a review of technology trends related to mobile network deployment, with a key focus on the evolution of antennas
    • this included an outlook on 5G roll-out and its expected impact on tower loading
  • We then reviewed the local market, including:
    • assessing the current state of mobile networks for each operator
    • reviewing the status of each operator’s 5G deployment
    • reviewing spectrum holdings by operator and assessing the outlook on future spectrum release
  • We performed an evaluation of the implications for future tower loading that were unique to each mobile operator by accounting for differences in the current and expected status of mobile networks
  • This was used to provide a view of the expected evolution of antenna configurations used by each mobile operator

Figure: Illustration of expected evolution of antenna configuration

Case study 140.JPG

The result

  • Our client used the study to devise its negotiation strategy during contract negotiations with the mobile operators, to facilitate maximal leasing revenue over the long term

Analysys Mason was engaged by an independent towerco to assess the outlook of future tower loading to inform their negotiation strategy with its mobile operator customers, particularly in light of upcoming 5G deployment