NSR developed a go-to-market strategy and competitive analysis to determine the Philippines's potential as a growth market

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The problem

  • The client’s revenue base had been static for a few years, and it was looking for a market to support and anchor its long-term growth
  • It commissioned NSR to identify the Philippines’s potential as a candidate market in terms of its market size and key vertical targets, and to examine its regulatory and competitive landscape

The solution

  • NSR provided key insights in terms of local market conditions, key partnerships to consider in the context of the client’s market-entry strategy and the potential revenue that could be captured over the 2021–31 period
  • NSR conducted detailed analysis on key verticals, namely:
    • enterprise very-small-aperture terminals (VSATs)
    • mobility
    • cellular backhaul
    • government universal service obligation (USO) programmes
  • Finally, a competitive assessment on current and potential market entrants acted as a key decision point on whether the client should consider entering the Philippine market, and what shape and form the strategy should take

Figure: Project scope and methodology



The result

  • NSR produced a detailed report (in MS PowerPoint format) and a client file (in MS Excel format) that outlined a go-to-market strategy which the client could use to develop its business case; it also delivered a comprehensive competitive analysis, which used benchmarks of satellite operators in the Philippines and assessed the benefits of the client potentially entering that market in the short term