Supporting InfoVista's acquisition of TEMs, Ascom's network testing division

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The problem

InfoVista was aiming to expand its presence in the service fulfilment and service assurance spaces through the acquisition of Ascom's network testing division specialising in deploying, monitoring and assuring quality of service for broadband wireless networks.

Analysys Mason was asked to carry out an assessment of the addressable market and provide an overview of the competitive landscape.

The solution

  • A team of telecoms software and due diligence experts was put in place in order to conduct the analysis and provide continuous support to the client and its advisers
  • We identified four market segments that could be addressed by the target company:
    • drive testing, probe systems, service management and network capacity management and planning
  • For each segment, we analysed the major market drivers and discussed them with both the client and the other advisers in order to understand how well the target was positioned to harness opportunities and face threats in the future
  • We later assessed the size of the addressable market segments and produced five-year market revenue forecasts
  • We also provided an overview of the main players competing in each segment and assessed their relative strength in order to identify the main challengers
  • We conducted several customer interviews, which were useful to both validate the forecasts and understand the customers’ perception of the target

The result

We presented the findings of the project to our client's financial investors and lenders in order to gather consensus around the acquisition

The final report was instrumental in the positive conclusion of the negotiations between our client and the target company. The deal was publicly announced in August 2016 and was finally closed in September of the same year.

Our final report was instrumental in the conclusion of the negotiations. The deal was publicly announced in August 2016 and closed a month later.