We developed a market segmentation model to enable a global IT solutions vendor to execute its go-to-market investment strategy for its IT aaS solutions

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The problem

  • Our client, a global OEM1 and IT solutions vendor, wanted to assess the market opportunity for its IT as-a-Service (aaS) portfolio. It sought to better understand the market size and growth potential in various verticals and channels to optimise the return on investment of its product roll-out 

The solution

  • To estimate the client’s market opportunity, we:
    • leveraged Analysys Mason’s SMB2 Technology Forecaster vertical and routes-to-market (RTM) models to develop a custom total addressable market (TAM) for 15 unique product categories
    • created an integrated model combining technology spending by 19 verticals through 5 channels using statistical modelling and applied in-house knowledge from our proprietary SMB technology surveys which include insights on SMBs' buying behaviour at an industry level, i.e. current usage and future plans
    • conducted research to validate category-specific insights and growth drivers

Figure: Illustrative segmentation for spending on IT aaS

Case study 191.JPG

The result

  • We developed market size estimates and forecasts for the client’s 15 solutions across 17 target markets, 14 business segments, 19 verticals and 5 channels (routes to market). The custom model delivered insights into the preferred purchase channels for each industry at all levels of granularity
  • The client leveraged Analysys Mason’s custom model and advisory support to build its go-to-market strategy. The insights were used to make product roll-out investment decisions around key industry and channel segments

1 Original equipment manufacturer; 2 Small and medium-sized businesses

We helped a global IT solutions vendor to assess the market opportunity and execute its go-to-market strategy investments for its IT as a Service (aaS) portfolio by developing a custom market segmentation model