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5G Maturity index for Nokia

Project experience | Custom Research

The problem

  • Many mobile operators worldwide lack an understanding of the key success factors for 5G and need guidance on how to maximise the impact of their roll-outs. Nokia wanted to assist its current customers and target new customers by providing more information on best practices in 5G via a robust, global benchmark study of operators’ 5G plans and activities. 

The solution

  • Together with Nokia’s team, Analysys Mason designed the 5G Maturity index (5GMi), a framework to measure operators’ technology and business (use case) maturity for 5G. 
  • We collected data across a sample of 50 mobile operators worldwide between July and November 2018.
  • Using this data, we positioned each operator in one of the nine positions on the 5GMi matrix and derived a number of detailed insights for both the operators and for Nokia. 

Figure: 5G Maturity index: top-three 5G use cases that are most commonly selected by operators to drive their 5G strategy, by region, July–November 2018

The result

  • We published a white paper* and conducted a webinar based on the key findings from the study.
  • The 5GMi was referred to by Nokia’s CEO during his MWC2019 speech to the analyst and media communities. 
  • Various teams in Nokia (both in the marketing and sales divisions) use 5GMi outputs for strategy development and to assist specific clients. 

* The white paper Nokia White Paper: Best Practices for 5G Transformation presents our key findings from 5GMi. Available at: http://content.rcrwireless.com/nokia_5G_transformation_wp#new_tab