Workshop on where to start with sustainability

Project experience | Transformation

The problem

  • A Tier 1 operator in Europe needing to understand the value of addressing sustainability within its business
  • Analysys Mason and our partner are asked to kick off the process of exploring options with the client and evaluating the impact when bringing sustainability into the core business

The solution

Analysys Mason and run a board-level workshop with:

  • strong personal involvement of all board members to evaluate their appetite for change towards sustainability in the company
  • inspiration drawn from other industries to explore and illuminate options for what a sustainability transformation can look like
  • a business impact assessment and context of how competitors might react
  • guidance to identify first approaches and success factors

Figure: How to start with sustainability?

How to start with sustainability?

The result

  • The client understands what drivers and levers it has at its disposal and how this interplays with the core business 
  • Ready to start the transformation towards a more sustainable operation