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The Connected Consumer Survey 2013

Martin Scott Principal Analyst, Research
Stephen Sale Research Director, Consumer Services

The 2013 questionnaire consists of 137 questions covering consumers’ changing telecoms and media habits, their device ownership, connectivity options and their future plans.

Analysys Mason report Connected Consumer Survey 2013The Connected Consumer Survey is a multi-year study that tracks and measures consumers' changing telecoms and media habits, their device ownership, connectivity options and their future plans. This report presents some of the 'headline' data from our Connected Consumer Survey, conducted in October 2012 across the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Poland and the UK.


This report provides:

  • strategic recommendations for operators based on fresh market data
  • an overview of device usage, connectivity and online activities in Europe and the USA
  • an understanding of the real-world impact of OTT messaging and VoIP substitution, along with an explanation as to how some operators have allayed this migration
  • information about the relationship between large-screen mobile broadband, tethering and use of personal hotspots
  • a view on smartphone app purchase and usage, and how these relate to data plans
  • fixed broadband churn drivers and retention factors
  • tracking of the impact of OTT video services on traditional pay TV, and consumers' preferences and interests.


Survey data coverage

The survey group consisted of 6610 individuals aged 18 years and over, and was representative of the demographic characteristics of Internet users in each country, which closely matches the national demographic characteristics of France, Germany, the UK and the USA. Respondents were selected until nationally representative quotas for gender, age range and employment status (as well as geographical region in the case of the USA) were reached. Respondents were then asked to complete a 20-minute questionnaire, Analysys Mason's Connected Consumer Survey. Questions took the form of yes/no, multiple choice, text and numerical input cells.


Geographical coverage

Data is provided for the following individual countries.

  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA