Our telecoms research covers consumer and enterprise services, as well as the software, infrastructure and technology underlying those services. Our programmes offer a mixture of qualitative and quantitative market intelligence. The result is an essential resource for strategic planning, investment, marketing and benchmarking.


    Our research clients receive an unparalleled depth of industry-specific insights, garnered from more than three decades of experience with more than 350 clients.

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    Our experts, in consulting and research, help shape clients' understanding of the future so they can thrive in these demanding conditions.

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The DataHub is an interactive database that enables you to access core historical and forecast data from Analysys Mason's regional markets research programmes.

The easy-to-use interface and intuitive filtering allows you to analyse more than 1400 metrics for over 80 markets at the click of a mouse. You can view on-screen charts to analyse trends and make comparisons between markets and operators, or export your data to Excel for further study.

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    Analysis of consumer trends in core mass-market TMT services.

    Consumer services


    Insights into opportunities in the emerging digital economy.

    Digital economy


    Essential information for operators that are balancing investments in networks, spectrum, software and services.

    Operator investment


    Comprehensive, trusted data and insight into major operators and key regional markets.

    Regional markets


    Insight into major players, technologies and systems infrastructure.

    Telecoms software


    Analysis of the telecoms operator opportunity in the business and IoT markets.

    Operator business services and IoT


    We deliver tailored research that addresses specific business needs for a wide range of organisations.

    Custom research


    Comprehensive coverage of the SMB ICT market.

    SMB ICT channels and forecasts